NVIDIA Details Kai Platform, Wants To Help Create $199 Tegra 3 Android Tablets

Given the success of Amazon’s Kindle Fire, the $199 price tag seems to be a magical number for Android tablets and now NVIDIA wants to push that point home. NVIDIA has just unveiled the Kai tablet platform, thanks to Vice President Rob Csonger who revealed the idea. Csonger explained that Kai isn’t just hardware, but a plan to make it easy to bring quad-core Android 4.0 tablets to market with a $199 price tag. In other words, NVIDIA wants to create a tablet market using the same price as the Kindle Fire, but far more powerful:

Our strategy on Android is simply to enable quad-core tablets running Android Ice Cream Sandwich to be developed and brought out to market at the $199 price point, and the way we do that is a platform we’ve developed called Kai. So this uses a lot of the secret sauce that’s inside Tegra 3 to allow you to develop a tablet at a much lower cost, by using a lot of innovation that we’ve developed to reduce the power that’s used by the display and use lower cost components within the tablet.

So far it sounds like Kai is more of a reference design to help others build lower cost Android tablets. NVIDIA doesn’t mention what kind of tablets we can expect to see thanks to the Kai platform or when they could arrive. However, Google and ASUS have been rumored to have a Tegra 3 Nexus tablet coming at a $199 price point. With Google I/O so close, perhaps we’ll hear more about this then and even find some hints at upcoming hardware.

What do you think? The $199 Tegra 3 price sounds awfully good to us.


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