NVIDIA Possibly Contradicts Itself, Creates Service Getting Rid Of The Need Of Nice GPU’s

In a move sure to surprise many, NVIDIA demonstrated their upcoming cloud gaming service, a la OnLive. It’ll be called GeForce Grid, and is made possible by a partnership with Gaikai, who already has a game streaming service of its own.

While OnLive is definitely a good service, it seems that GeForce Grid will be a lot better. Since the service will be run on machines that have GPU’s equivalent to the GTX 690, a thousand dollar GPU, the graphics will be much better than what OnLive has to offer. And NVIDIA customers are usually the ones who want to run games at their absolute highest settings. I know I do.

Even better news, NVIDIA is planning on offering a subscription service like Netflix, where you can pay every month to play any game they have to offer. That’s absolutely wonderful news, as you don’t have to commit to buying very expensive games and you can play as many as you want for the same price. I’m personally very excited for this service, even though I do have a gaming PC. The subscription sounds so nice.

This service is made better by the fact that it can run on any platform, including Android tablets, weak PC’s, and even possibly Smart TV’s sometime in the future. It’d be an incredible feat to have a smart TV push Crysis 2 with a connected bluetooth controller. Unfortunately, this will mean a lot of people will have to upgrade their internet speeds for the best results.

NVIDIA already has some big partners, like Capcom, Epic, and THQ. No other information has been announced, including release date or any concrete info on the subscription plan. But it’s enough to get me really excited. What do you think? Are you excited for this new platform? Will it finally make you try cloud gaming? Or is OnLive good enough? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Android Community

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