Official Samsung Galaxy S III Accessories First Look

Samsung has already announced the pile of accessories it will launch when the Galaxy S III hits store shelves around the world. With everything from the S3 C-Pen to the WiFi Display Hub to their brand new Flip Cover, Samsung is looking to give the Galaxy S III a little extra to continue differentiating it from the marketplace.

The C-Pen is first, coming in a smidgen thicker than the S-Pen that comes with the Galaxy Note. Since it doesn’t have to fit inside the casing of a device, the form factor is a bit more form-fitting to the hand. The WiFi display hub will have you projecting content out via a full-sized HDMI port, helping you display everything from pictures and video to work related material.

The Galaxy S III holder and battery charger will hold the Galaxy S III upright, while charging a battery in the back pocket. This allows you to charge an extra battery while your Galaxy S III (with a battery already inside) sits upright in the stand. The Flip cover is a traditional style case with one caveat, it will replace the back cover of your phone altogether. The New back cover connects to a flap which sits on top of the device protecting the screen. I’m a little concerned about the flap hanging around as one tries to shoot images or video, it would seem to just flap around hanging loosely from the side.

Check out the gallery below and see for yourself if any of the first wave accessories are worth bundling in with your inevitable Galaxy S III purchase.

Images via Slashgear

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