OMG, Flipboard For Android Is Here, Unofficially That Is

Flipboard for Android is here, it’s really really here. The app made a limited debut last week at Samsung’s Galaxy S III unveiling in London and was primed to be an exclusive app. Except, nothing is exclusive when the boys from XDA Developers get involved as the 2.32MB APK hit XDA this morning and should install on any Android device.

It’s an easy install, just head on over to XDA where forum user Valcho has uploaded the .apk. If you’re linking from your phones browsers, just download the file and follow the install prompts. Desktop users should email the file to their Dropbox accounts or load it up via usb cable. Whatever you have to do to get the file to the phone, just do it, this app is beautiful.

I have zero doubt that once Flipboard for Android is “officially” available for all Android devices, this one will dominate Google Play, it’s just that awesome.

XDA Developers

Image Credit: CNET Asia

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