OpenDESIGN Is Developers Solution To Extra Features On Custom ROMs

For anyone familiar with the world of rooting and custom ROMs, it is commonly known that most ROMs like CyanogenMod don’t offer some of the features that overlays like Sense or TouchWiz do. These can be a variety of things, from maybe small tweaks in the messaging screen to an overhaul of the lockscreen. Either way, most of these are not available on many ROMs, but a new project is aiming to change that.

Known as OpenDESIGN, this project has plans to bring the variety of features on manufacturer-produced ROMs to CyanogenMod. Created by a subgroup of the CyanogenMod team, everything will be produced from scratch and opensourced for the world to see. Everything will be developed to run on any phone with CM9, with unity across the board. Things are just kicking off, so if you have some coding knowledge and want to contribute, head right here to join now.

via AndroidPolice

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