Phone Sales: Sprint Galaxy Nexus, Verizon DROID 4, Verizon Rezound, Returning Customers Get Screwed Again

It looks like loyalty means nothing once again. There are 3 new sales on phones right now, all of which apply to new customers but not to returning customers with upgrades. It’s quite sad, really. Loyal customers get disrespected like this while new customers who have never done anything for a company get big discounts. At least I feel a little loyalty from AT&T, as they occasionally give me discounts that aren’t official. But this sadly happens on every carrier.

The Verizon Motorola DROID 4 is $0.01 for new customers. Just a penny, for a nice phone. Returning customers get it for $149.99.

The Sprint Samsung Galaxy Nexus is $49.99 for new customers, and $149.99 for old ones.

The Verizon HTC Rezound is $49.99 for new customers, while it is a massive $179.99 for old customers.

I guess it’s unreasonable to ask for care from greedy corporations, but even in a business sense, it makes none to reward loyal paying customers with higher prices then anyone else. If prices were lower for returning customers, there would be a lot more incentive to stay on one carrier (you know, aside from the early termination fee. A carrot in front of your nose is a lot better than a stick up your behind).

Anyway, the deals are still good if you plan on switching carriers. Also remember that Verizon will give you a $40 bill credit with a purchase of any LTE phone (after charging you a $30 upgrade fee, of course). Get em while they’re hot.


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