Quadrant Advanced And Professional Editions Launched In Play Store, We Cower In Fear

Aurora Software has released two new versions of the famous benchmarking app onto the Play Store. They were only available on the SlideMe store until now. The above photo explains the difference between Quadrant Standard, Advanced, and Professional.

The reason I say “we cower in fear” is because benchmarking says very little about the device. It’s important to have these scores, and they’re great for new devices, but comparing them is useless. Some phones get lower scores, yet outperform higher scoring phones by a lot. The Nexus One scored higher than the Galaxy S, but the Galaxy S blew the Nexus One away in terms of power and performance, hardware wise. More proof is a mod for the Galaxy S, which was called Voodoo Lagfix. It actually lowered the Quadrant score of previously modded Galaxy S phones, but the performance was beyond anything available on the market at the time. A Voodoo-powered Galaxy S destroyed the competition, despite its low Quadrant score.

Another problem is on hacking forums, like XDA. This is less of a problem recently (or the AT&T Galaxy SII community is just a lot more mature), but in every ROM thread there would be at least two Quadrant score posts per page. And each page has 10 posts. People were obsessed with getting the highest score, using the ROMs that artificially inflated it by having scripts sending Quadrant into the RAM instead of being run off of the SD card. It was annoying to see all that useless clutter, and many of those cases just proved how useless Quadrant was to the modding community.

I don’t mean to disrespect Quadrant, honestly. It’s a useful app and the scores hold some validity, and are definitely fun to see when phones are tested before release. They also do show some important info, like comparing the Tegra 3 to the Snapdragon S4. Though the Tegra 3 beats the S4 in Quadrant, using the Advanced version, you can see that the S4 GPU scored higher than the Tegra 3′s. That was important info and definitely improved my opinion of the S4 processor.

So if you want Quadrant Advanced or Quadrant Professional, and if you promise to use them responsibly, just click on the links. Remember, only you can prevent being annoying.

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