Rogers Offering Galaxy SIII For Pre-Order, Pricing Found For Canadian Carriers

Rogers customers can now pre-order the Galaxy SII here. For non-customers looking to switch, there is only a sign up page. A bit strange, I’d think they would want to give the opportunity to new customers to switch over and get locked into those wonderful Canadian 3 year contracts. The phone mentions LTE, but does not mention processor type. This is probably enough proof to be sure that it’s powered by a Snapdragon S4. If it was quad core, they’d definitely tout it. Since Rogers is basically a carbon copy of AT&T in many ways, this will mean AT&T will most likely get an S4-powered model. Rogers and AT&T have been known to get identical phones (like the unique Samsung Captivate), so this spells a little bit of (objective) bad news.

The bad news is that Rogers didn’t give a price. The good news is that we know it anyway. Prices were spotted on a Best Buy page for multiple carriers. Rogers will charge $149.99, Telus and Virgin Mobile will charge $159.99, and SaskTel $169.99. Bell is charging $50 to reserve an SIII, but the full price isn’t known. These prices may seem low, but they come at the huge cost of 3 year contracts. Many Americans think 2 year contracts are bad enough. I’m annoyed by my 1.5 year contract. I don’t know how they survive 3 year contracts up north. Definitely not worth a small discount.

To our Canadian readers, who’s pre-ordering one? Comment below!

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