[ROM] Team Kang’s AOKP ROM Video Review; Milestone 5


Team Kang’s AOKP, an acronym of Android Open Kang Project, has made a huge splash in the Android world since it’s debut late last year.  But it wasn’t till the head team members got a hold of the GSM Google Galaxy Nexus that the team and their ROM really gained a lot of popularity, and quite frankly maybe even a cult following much like the CyanogenMod team has gained within the Android ‘modding’ community. While CyanogenMod is still the most popular ROM for Android users, and much deserved, AOKP is quickly gaining ground due to it’s dozens upon dozens of features. I find it to even have a lot more features than CM9.

Milestone 5 is their latest iteration of their stable AOKP build. Ever week or two they do make a new build, currently at build 37 (b37), in which they add new features and fix bugs that are present. Usually the team makes several builds before them finally deem one to be stable enough and become the next Milestone build. Their main headquarters in which the team resides at is over at their RootzWiki dedicated page just for the team and their ROM. There you’ll find a list of supported devices, and as well as a list of “un-official” devices that non team member developers have ported AOKP on to. But be aware that the non-official AOKP ports aren’t supported by the team themselves. But it doesn’t mean it won’t be in the future. I use the ROM for my Galaxy Nexus and it is a complete joy and my absolute favorite ROM at the moment.

In this one screenshot alone, you can already see numerous features that AOKP has coded into AOSP Ice Cream Sandwich. Here alone are multiple toggles and brightness bar straight from the notification-pull-down window. Also on the status bar, you’ll notice the option to “center” your clock as well as adding a small am/pm and “day of the week” right on each side of the clock. I feel it’s a really nice touch. And on the battery you are able to add exact percentages so that you’re able to determine your exact battery levels. Also at the bottom navigation soft buttons, you can see that I’m able to change the colors of the soft buttons, and even added a 4th “menu” button that I just can’t live with out on Android. And of course, the most noticeable feature of this shows the weather straight from your notification window! This is by far AOKP’s signature feature that they have created themselves and is synonymous for their ROMs.

This is of course just a small sample of what AOKP brings to your device. For a much more detailed review of the ROM and to learn more of its features, you can watch the video review that I’ve made for it on this post. AOKP is being worked on a daily basis and you can expect many more wonderful add-ons and features to come! I’d like to thank @Whitehawkx, @Romanbb and the rest of their AOKP team for bringing the Android community such a wonderful and feature filled ROM. And also a special thanks to @Faux123 for creating a wonderful kernel that is paired with AOKP on each build. If you have the spare change, you can always donate to their fine work.

Has anyone else tried AOKP? If so, let me know what your experience with it has been!


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