Rumor: Google And ASUS Unveiling New Tablet Next Month, Shipping 600k Units

The latest rumor about the Nexus family is that Google and ASUS will be shipping a tablet next month. This goes against the rumor that they will release 5 devices on November 5th to celebrate Android’s 5th anniversary, which I honestly enjoy very much. But it could very well be true. This ASUS Nexus tablet that has been rumored for a long time is currently rumored to ship 600,000 units next month.

There is good reasoning behind this rumor. Last Google I/O, Google unveiled the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 I/O Edition, and the tablet went on sale shortly afterwards. Considering this is a collaborative effort between Google and ASUS, this should be the fabled Nexus tablet. If so, I/O would be the perfect time to unveil their tablet, hand out Nexus devices, and start selling them soon after. It’d make sense. However, it’s still just a rumor. But we can always hope for the best. Which is of course free tablets at Google I/O!


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