Rumor: Google Releasing 5 Nexus Devices On November 5th In Celebration Of 5th Anniversary Of Android

Following a rumor that Google would release 5 different Nexus devices (possibly both tablets and phones) by a whole slew of different manufacturers, we have a new rumor going around. This one states that all 5 devices will be released on November 5th, which marks the 5th anniversary of Android. Seems a bit crazy, but makes sense. And Google could easily pull it off, it isn’t a difficult task.

This task could possibly revolutionize the way people buy devices. In a small but significant step, more people would stop buying devices subsidized and screwed up by carriers and buy truly Google-controlled phones and tablets full price for a good price. The Galaxy Nexus was sold for $300 on contract at Verizon, yet is only $400 on the Play Store. If Google can get such great prices for more devices, I’m sure it would lure people away from buying subsidized phones from those evil carriers.

This is just a rumor though. It could amount to absolutely nothing. I guess we’ll find out at Google I/O. If this is true though, well Google has a major revolution building up.


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