Samsung And Apple Begin To Drop Patent Claims, Still Not Over

Ah yes, the subject that just about everyone is sick of hearing about: lawsuits. This time, we have good news, and it’s actual progress in the cases. No, Samsung was not declared the victor in the ongoing lawsuits from Apple, but both sides have dropped some of the charges. Apple cut its number of claims in half, while Samsung opted to take away 5 of the 12 claims they are currently pursuing. It isn’t the end, and a trial is still expected to take place in July.

Progress is not something we hear too much about when it comes to mobile patent lawsuits, and it’s refreshing to see two of the world’s biggest phone manufacturers talk some of the stuff out. All the patent claims in question still make for a very large trial, and hopefully both sides will agree to drop a few more claims. When the time comes, who do you think will ultimately win the Apple/Samsung patent war?

via BGR

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