Samsung Galaxy Nexus Accessories Now Available Directly From The Google Play Store

Not too long ago Google re-entered the hardware sales business by selling the Galaxy Nexus from the Google Play store. So far, things have been successful, and Google is now expanding. No, there aren’t any new device being sold (not yet, at least), instead opting for accessories. That’s right, you can now grab everything you need with your Galaxy Nexus from the same place you bought it.

First up are two desktop docks, the first featuring a portrait orientation and the ability to output HDMI. If you prefer landscape, there’s a dock of that kin, trading the HDMI output for the use of the pogo pins on the side of every Galaxy Nexus. Also available is a car dock, which also takes advantage of the pogo pins. Each accessory is $54, and they are currently only offered in the US. Click here to grab one now, and be sure to let us know which one you’re grabbing in the comments below!

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