Samsung Galaxy S III Already Rooted Thanks to Chainfire

Well known developer Chainfire doesn’t even have the phone in hand and yet has the Samsung Galaxy S III rooted before it’s even released. Thanks to a leak from an insider with a firmware build, Chainwire at al. were able to create an “insecure” kernal for the phone although they’re not sharing it yet.  Apparently the leaked firmware is traceable.

I want to share some highlights from the post from Chainwire on xda.  He writes regarding the kernel,

“The modification was trivial, because this time around, Samsung is using the standard boot.img format, instead of the zImage format used for SGS1, SGS2, SGNote, etc, that is much harder to repackage.”

“This is also why I don’t feel particularly bad about not giving you the insecure kernel – any serious dev on this board can do the same thing in 10 minutes.”

I like how he makes it sound so easy.  Maybe it is for developers.  I’ll just let the geniuses they are do their thing.  Chainwire goes on to write,

“This was all tested on a current (release candidate) SGS3 firmware. There may be a newer firmware on true retail/production devices. Though some things may change, it is unlikely to change much. Let’s hope nothing 

It’s awesome to see how Samsung continues to be so developer friendly.  How do you guys feel about this news?  Do you think the US Samsung Galaxy SIII will be as easy to unlock? Hop on over to xda to see the rest of what Chainwire wrote about his feat.

Source: xda-developers

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