Samsung Galaxy S III Dresses Up For FCC In AT&T Clothes

At this point we’re beginning to see little doubt for a full spread of national carrier launches in the US for the Galaxy S III. So it makes sense when we spot the phone making a pit stop through the halls of the FCC wearing AT&T’s HSPA+ bands. Except, there is no pentaband connectivity here allowing for T-Mobile frequencies nor any sign of LTE. So that has us asking — is this a model coming to the US or not?

Sure enough, the model that passed through the FCC is the GT-I9300, better known as the international model Galaxy S III. In this case, the FCC is merely giving international users a blessing for bringing the phone stateside upon their travels. Let’s be truly honest, we would have quite a disaster on our hands if the AT&T version really didn’t have LTE! The international device launches globally at the end of this month with US variants expected sometime in June. Both Japan and Korea are also expected to receive LTE variants indicating this model is headed elsewhere.

PhoneArena via FCC

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