Samsung Galaxy S III For Verizon May Not Use The Quad-Core Exynos

The Galaxy S II had a major flaw in its native Exynos chipset, and that was lack of LTE support. AT&T had to swap out the Eyxnos for a Snapdragon S3 processor in its LTE variant of the SII, and Verizon passed on the handset altogether, instead opting for the Galaxy Nexus. We now have word that there’s a good chance that the new Exynos does not support LTE either, coming from a new user agent profile.

Said user agent profile reveals a handset going by the model number SCH-I535, which features Ice Cream Sandwich and a resolution of 1280×720. This doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a SIII, but in Verizon’s naming scheme, it makes sense. On top of all this, a Qualcomm S4 processor powers the device, so it’s looking like we may see the S4 in the stateside versions of the SIII. A bummer, to say the least, but the S4 has proven to be a more than capable processor.

via PocketNow

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