Samsung Galaxy S III Hitting The US June 20th

Samsung’s newest Galaxy device, the S III, has easily been the most anticipated handset of the year. When Samsung announced it at the beginning of the month, they confirmed it would be hitting Europe by the end of May, claiming the US would be receiving the handset sometime during the summer. Now we have a date that it will be hitting at least two carriers. After speaking with some of our sources, we can confirm that the handset will be hitting T-Mobile and AT&T in the US on June 20th.

TmoNews also confirms that it will be hitting T-Mobile on the 20th, lining up with what our sources claim. One of the most asked questions has been whether or not the US variants will be modified in any way. We have good reason to believe that they will be sticking to the same design that the international version boasts. Get excited everyone, it’s less than a month before the Galaxy S III hits the US!


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