Samsung Galaxy S III S Voice APK Now Available

If you want something to do this weekend, take advantage of a newly leaked APK for Samsung’s soon-to-be-released S Voice application for the Galaxy S III on any rooted phone running Android 4.0 or above. We’re hearing that the software is imperfect and that’s to be expected from a piece of unfinished software from an unfinished ROM. Stated another way, if you’re expecting this to work exactly like it will on the Galaxy S III, you could be in for some disappointment. If you want to spend some time poking around the functionality of this app, the download looks trusty but we can’t completely vouch for the security of the file.

We’d love to see how any non-Samsung owners handle this software on their own device as Engadget tested the APK on their Galaxy Nexus and reported a mostly “flawless” experience. Let us know how this goes!

Grab the APK at XDA below.

Engadget via XDA-Developers

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