Samsung Galaxy S III Wireless Charging Kit Won’t Be Available Till September

Samsung’s wireless charging kit is likely to be delayed until September according to a report coming out of SlashGear. Previewed during Samsung’s Galaxy S III launch, the charger is a little reminiscent of the touchstone Palm used with the debut of the Palm Pre. A United Kingdom online retailer has confirmed the charging kit won’t be available for the smartphone’s UK launch this month.

Inductive charging is a popular aftermarket modification, and several cases and adapters are available through third parties for popular devices. The Galaxy S III will be the highest-profile device to feature the capability built into the hardware by the manufacturer. The technology works by placing an electric coil in near proximity to the compatible battery pack, usually requiring a special made case or battery cover.

Samsung has yet to comment on any delay, but they never gave a concrete release date for the wireless charging kit accessory in the first place. SlashGear believes the delay may be caused by Samsung’s hope to promote the inductive charging method with the Alliance for Wireless Power, for which it’s a founding member.

This is a nifty little addition to the Galaxy S III, already promising to be one of the years hottest phones. Hopefully, Samsung can get this on shelves before September so we can drop at least one of the cords we have lying around.


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