Samsung Galaxy SIII Accessories Shown Off To Camera

The official Samsung Galaxy SIII accessories received a little attention, each getting their own small video demoing them. Unfortunately, it seems that they didn’t have an actual Galaxy SIII to show how they work, but it’s nice to get a look at the accessories nonetheless.

First accessory is the Samsung C-Pen. The first thing that comes to mind is of course the S-Pen in the Galaxy Note. However they are quite different. While the S-Pen was slim, fit inside the phone, and had multi-function buttons, the C-Pen seems to be just a very high end stylus. The tip is thicker than the S-Pen’s (though thankfully still very thin, making it better than 99% of capacitive styli), as is the rest of the body. It looks like a regular pen, clip and all. Interestingly, it only works on the Galaxy SIII, and was shown to be completely ineffective on the iPhone. I guess it isn’t so average.

The next accessory shown is the Flip Cover. Similar to the one on the Galaxy Note, it replaces the back cover with an almost identical one, aside from the flap that goes over the front. It’s a very classy accessory, and definitely looks great, though seems that it isn’t at all ambidextrous.

The last accessory is the Holder and Battery Charger. It’s a sexy little dock that can hold your phone at a good angle, similar to an EVO kickstand except working in both portrait and landscape. On top of that, it’ll also charge a second battery. It has a compartment for an extra battery to charge while you’re using your phone in the dock (presumably held up for watching a video or a similar purpose).

As you can tell, there is no trace of the wireless charging kit promised at Samsung Unpacked. We previously talked about how it could be delayed until this fall, which is a shame.

Source: ShashGear

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