Samsung In No Shortage Of New Device Names, Files Many New Trademarks

With the number of Android devices hitting the market increasing every month, manufacturers need to stay ahead on the name game with plenty of trademarks. Samsung is doing just that, and has filed a couple of new device names. They include:

  • Galaxy Lift
  • Galaxy Sire
  • Galaxy Perx
  • Galaxy Variant

As far as what kind of devices these will be, we aren’t 100% sure. They could be phones, tablets, phablets or even PMPs. Most are a little more unique, so we’d make a hefty bet that most of these 4 are headed for market outside of North America. Hell, some could never even see the light of day past these filings. We’ll have to see Samsung’s moves in the coming months, with device names growing ever more exotic.

via Phandroid

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