Samsung Mobile Offering Accessories At 19 Major Airports, Including Exclusive

Samsung has sent out emails describing their new partnership with 19 major US airports, their flasgship location being Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport. Forty two APW Brands stores will be carrying Samsung accessories for Galaxy devices, including the Galaxy Tab and Galaxy Note.

They will also be selling an exclusive product only available in APW stores (and eBay, if you’re so inclined), the Samsung HM5000.

It will be a mini pen-like device with a speaker and a mic that allows you to answer phone calls. I wonder how people will look at the airport holding a stick to their heads and speaking to it. Definitely won’t look ridiculous, but may net you a few looks. It’ll retail for $79.99, and is actually a pretty good idea.

The HM5000 looks an awful lot like the pen that can be purchased with the ASUS PadFone. They offer a pretty much identical product for the PadFone, so I’m not quite sure what to think of Samsung releasing the same product. And before anyone screams “They copied ASUS!” I have to say, that’s competition, and copying is not only fair (to an extent), but integral to almost any business. You cannot avoid copying in the tech industry. The only thing is, to what extent is it forgivable? This honestly seems a little too much.

This whole deal will be great for frequent fliers. Forgot your charger? Out of space on your phone and need a MicroSD card? Or even a case? All of that can be found at airports now. What do you guys think of this deal? And how do you feel about the HM5000 stick? Tell us in the comments!

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