Samsung Released Ice Cream Sandwich Source Code For International Galaxy Note GT-N7000

Samsung has released the source code for the Galaxy Note ICS! It’s a little late for Samsung (they’re usually very fast with releasing source), but it is still a lot quicker than most other companies. This is great, because now ROM chefs can start modifying the kernels with features such as overclocking, undervolting, custom governors, and incredibly effective performance mods.

This news should make owners of the Note very happy, as the release of source code always means a big boom in development and some amazing things coming to the ROMs. Unfortunately, this means nothing for the AT&T Note users, as their phablets are based on a different chipset and cannot use any of the code.

If you want to get working on some custom kernels (and if you do, thank you devs), hit the soruce link and download “” and enjoy!

Samsung Open Source Release Center via Android Police

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