Samsung Says Leaked S-Voice App Is ‘Test Version,’ Admits To Blocking

Samsung has confirmed to The Verge that it is has blocked the leaked S-Voice app that made the rounds on the internet just a few days ago. The company claims that the leaked app is an “initial test version” that is not representative of the final product, nor do they say whether other devices in Samsung’s smartphone lineup will receive the app in the future.

“An initial test version of S Voice which was found online has been blocked as Samsung Electronics does not want consumers to judge the quality of the voice feature based on a test version. When the product is launched, users of GALAXY S III will be able to fully experience S Voice.”

There are unconfirmed reports of a workaround over at XDA-Developers, however, at this point we’ve been unable to use the app on any of our devices. It looks like we’ll just have to wait to get our hands on a Galaxy S III unit before we can make a final judgement on just how well S-Voice performs in the real world.

The Verge