Samsung Will Have Temporary Stores To Show Off Galaxy S III

For those yet to be persuaded into buying Samsung’s new Galaxy S III, if you’re in the right location, you may be able to get some hands-on from Samsung themselves. The Korean manufacturer is looking to setup temporary “pop-up” stores in and around London to exclusively show off and sell the device. This gives interested consumers the option to see the device outside of a typical electronics retailer or carrier store.

A smart idea on Samsung’s part, as most people love to get their hands on a device before committing to it. On top of that, a Samsung employee may be a little more knowledgeable on the handset than say, a Best Buy employee. The stores are set to pop-up (no pun intended) sometime this month, and we’ll probably see them from launch day of the SIII in the UK. If the stores prove successful, we’ll hopefully see them in other parts of the world. Do you like the idea of a temporary store for a device?

via Android and Me

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