Samsung’s First Television Spot For The Galaxy S III Might Creep You Out

I know, all we really care about is the availability of the Galaxy S III in the US, specifically which carriers and at what price? Until we get concrete answers to those questions, I direct you to Samsung’s first television commercial for the Galaxy S III. You’ve been warned, this commercial may creep you out as Samsung wants you to know Skynet is basically lurking inside their new flagship device. The Galaxy S III will “recognize who you are,” and “follow your every move,” and know when “you’re asleep.” Skynet definitely starts with the Galaxy S III. Check out the 60 second spot and let us know what you think.

Ok, so I’m just kidding, it’s not really Skynet and a lot of these features seem pretty nifty, if not a little gimmicky. Still, we like gimmicky.

The Verge

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