Sonic 4: Episode II THD Launches On TegraZone, Incredible Graphics In Tow

Sonic 4: Episode II has been launched today, and boy does it look great on a Tegra 3 device! Sega worked with NVIDIA to bring near console-like graphics to Tegra 3 devices, and the comparison shots above (comparing a non-Tegra 3 device and a Tegra 3 device) really show the work they put into it. Though we all know the Tegra 3 isn’t all that powerful, NVIDIA’s support sure brings some amazing optimizations. Those include better lighting, higher polygon models, better textures, and even added multiplayer co-op!

The multiplayer co-op works by connecting two different Tegra devices via Bluetooth. And of course, with the power of Android, you can hook your device up to a TV through HDMI and connect a controller (either through Bluetooth or even through USB host on some tablets) and play it just as if you were playing on a console.

If you have a Tegra device, hit up TegraZone or Google Play for your Sonic needs!

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