Sprint Galaxy SIII Confirmed By Bluetooth SIG

The Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) has approved the Sprint Galaxy SIII. This means that all four carriers have had SIII variants approved by the Bluetooth SIG, meaning that all four carriers are getting the phone. Samsung has always wanted to put their Galaxy line of phones on every carrier possible (often putting multiple Galaxy phones on each carrier), yet the Galaxy SII was strangely absent from Verizon last year. This year will, however, be different.

Sprint’s model will have the model number of SPH-L710, which is nearly identical to the Sprint SII (SPH-D710). It gives no other information, so we won’t know release date, price, or if they will switch out the quad core Exynos for a dual core Snapdragon S4. But it’s still good to know that people on any of the major carriers can pick one up.

Android Police

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