Sprint Hints At Delayed EVO 4G LTE Launch Due To HTC Patent Dispute

With last nights *shocking* turn of events as US Customs holds HTC One X and EVO 4G LTE hardware in limbo, Sprint prepares to miss their planned May 18th launch date. In fact, their dedicated EVO 4G LTE page no longer says anything about May 18th or any other potential launch date at this time, it’s been completely scrubbed. Sprint hasn’t said anything at the time of this writing, though we’ll definitely update this post when/if Sprint makes an official statement.

One things for sure, Sprint and AT&T for that matter can’t be too happy with this turn of events and we really can’t wait to hear what both carriers have to say on the matter. Still, considering the nature of their relationship with Apple, we’re not entirely surprised they have been silent thus far. Either way, t’s early in the day so we’ll wait to see how this story continues to develop.


Sprint EVO 4G LTE Page

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