Sprint’s HTC EVO 4G LTE Finally Passes Customs; Soon To Be In Consumer Hands

And finally, the wait may soon be over for Sprint customers. If you haven’t been up to date this past week or so, Apple filed an injunction that halted large shipments of the HTC’s One series of phones, which of course includes Sprint’s Evo 4G LTE. They have been stuck at US customs for the time being, and today they have finally passed and are now in Sprints warehouses ready to ship to stores nationwide.

The image above depicts a Sprint rep from Sprints official site informing us that the phones should be shipped by May 24th. This is certainly great news to hear as some have worried that the injunction could have delayed the phone by a much longer time.

With the current One X from AT&T and One S from T-Mobile getting such great reviews, I’m sure you Sprint fans have been dying to get this phone in your hands. Excited for the phone to finally come? Or still angry about Apples injunction to begin with? Let us know in the comments section!