Sprint’s HTC EVO 4G LTE Will Support Simultaneous Voice And Data

A big piece of news here for Sprint customers who have longed for simultaneous voice and data and LTE coverage all in one device. News coming out of Good and Evo reports that the HTC EVO 4G LTE supports simultaneous voice and 3G data. The folks doing the testing attempted to double and triple-check their results using the speed test app available from Google Play. Unfortunately, without a LTE network it’s impossible to tell if we’ll have the same success, but there is no reason to believe Sprint’s LTE network won’t support the same simultaneous connectivity.

Moreover, the boys at Good and Evo report that general connectivity on the EVO 4G LTE is better than other Sprint smartphones they have in their arsenal. Now that the EVO 4G LTE is on its way to customers, we have every belief that Sprint has a hot seller here and as word gets out that simultaneous voice and data is accessible on this device, more and more Sprint customers will be itching to pick one up.

Good and Evo

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