Study: 3G/4G Tablets Use 3X The Data Of Smartphones

A video optimization vendor called Bytemobile showed off its reports that tablets use three times more cellular data than smartphones do. This isn’t at all surprising, but it’s definitely good to see the numbers.

Bytemobile also showed that tablets have “more involved” internet sessions. The typical iPad session was 33 web sites, while on the iPhone, it was 20. Not only was the session longer for the iPad, but it also used 160% more data than the iPhone session. This is probable due to people preferring the desktop site over the mobile site on a higher resolution screen. Desktop sites offer a lot more content, including ads, which eats a lot of data.

Cisco Systems’ Visual Networking Index report shows different numbers. They say that the average smartphone uses 201MB per month, while the average tablet uses 382MB. This was from 2011, so of course things could be a lot different now, and Bytemobile’s data is a lot more current. Either way, both support the claim that tablets eat a lot more data.

When I find sites on my phone that are rich in media or text, I tend to throw them into Pocket to read on a tablet/computer later. It’s a lot more convenient on a bigger screen. Which also limits my browsing on my phone, while those limits are gone from a tablet. So I, too, use a lot more data on my tablet than my phone. Of course, I don’t have a cell data enabled tablet, so my experiences are moot in this case. Do you tend to use more data on your tablet? Or is your smartphone enough of a browser machine? Chime in down below!

Source: GigaOM

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