T-Mobile Finishes Testing on HTC Sensation 4G ICS Update, OTA Soon!

After months of silence from T-Mobile regarding the HTC Sensation 4G Ice Cream Sandwich update, they have finally spoken up. And luckily, it’s good news. They posted to their support blog that the testing for the official ICS update has been finished and the update will be released “very soon.”

The official statement:
“May 2 News: The Android 4.0 (ICS) update for the HTC Sensation 4G has completed its testing process and we expect it to be available very soon. Please stay tuned for an official communication from T-Mobile regarding how and when you’ll be able to receive the update.”

It’s good to see T-Mobile and HTC supporting an older device, considering it used to be their flagship, even if it is a little late (but most carriers are). Now it’d be nice to hear news on the ICS update for the newer HTC Amaze 4G.

Source: T-MoNews

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