Verizon Employees Hyping Galaxy Nexus Update This Morning

We know that the Galaxy Nexus officially has its own support page for the upcoming Android 4.0.4 update and as of this morning, it’s now being hyped by Verizon employees online. According to Verizon’s @VZWalbert, the “software update will soon be pushed to the Galaxy Nexus for Verizon.” Of course, we really don’t know what the definition is for “soon,” but at this point it’s a lot more progress than having no idea when the update is coming at all.

I’d keep checking that System Update function under Settings > About phone to see what comes back. Honestly, you’ll probably be checking it every few minutes so just report back to us when something finally appears. Hooray for a Galaxy Nexus update, it’s about time!

@VZWalbert via Verizon

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