Verizon Giving $40 Bill Credit With 4G Phones From Amazon Or Wirefly, Really $10 After $30 Upgrade Fee

Verizon is giving us a little more incentive to buy their 4G LTE phones. They will now offer a $40 bill credit with a new LTE phone from Amazon Wireless or This deal starts today at 12AM and ends May 24th, so you have three short days to take advantage of this deal.

Unfortunately, with the new $30 upgrade fee imposed on their customers, this deal doesn’t seem so sweet anymore. $10 isn’t much. Yeah, I’m being hard on Verizon. But I really don’t like that they impose a random fee on their loyal customers. But I guess this is the best time to buy a new phone anyway, $10 is still something, and the fee isn’t going anywhere. Hit up the Amazon Wireless promotional page or the Wirefly promotional page to take advantage of this offer.

Android Police

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