Verizon HTC Rezound Gets Yet Another ICS Leak

Verizon HTC Rezound owners have been having a good month! Another ICS leak has emerged for them to try out. The latest build is 3.14.605.5, with a build date of April 28th.

For people who are using the Rezound on Verizon, updating is a no brainer. The leak brings new radios and a ton of bug fixes. The lockscreen shortcut settings are now separate from launcher bar shortcuts, 3G/4G icon is now displayed before entering a password, the “wrong sender” message displayed in the messages application is gone, and IPv6 solicitation timer value has been changed. It’s nice to see HTC fixing all the bugs, even if it is at a pace of a few bugs per leak. Hopefully the final stable build comes soon.

Unfortunately, there is some bad news. For those of you using the Rezound on AT&T or T-Mobile, it’ll no longer work. The secret dialer menu to access radio settings (*#*#4636#*#*) has been completely removed. So if you use the phone on another carrier, you should stay away from this build, and very possibly the final update, if it’s missing the same menu.

If you’d like to download and flash this, hit this link for the files. You should either be running a stock ROM or have S-Off to flash this, or you can wait for custom ROMs to pop up using this firmware. And remember, flash at your own risk. Be smart. Be safe.

Source: Pocketnow

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