Verizon Introduces New 911 Text Service, Send For Help Via SMS

Verizon has announced its plans to launch the nations first text-to-911 service, allowing those who are deaf or hard of hearing to receive emergency help via text message. As well as providing a huge benefit for those who have difficulty hearing, the new service will also be of aid to those who are in situations they are unable to speak over the phone, for fear of giving themselves away. Verizon plans to rollout their 911 text message service initiative by the end of 2013.

Verizon says the service will use their existing CDMA SMS network and will be offered to Verizon customer that have a text message capable phone and a service plan that includes text messaging.

“Verizon is at the forefront of 911 public-safety innovations, and today’s announcement is another step in making SMS-to-911 service available to those who cannot make a voice call to 911,” said Marjorie Hsu, Verizon Wireless vice president of technology.  “Our company is continuing its long-standing commitment to address the needs of public safety and our customers by offering another way to get help in an emergency by using wireless technology.”


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