Verizon Launching Blue Motorola DROID RAZR On May 18th?

If you’ve waited around wishing for Verizon’s Motorola DROID RAZR to add some extra colors to their lineup, you’re about to have your wish come true. It appears Verizon’s about to add a Blue edition available May 18th to their RAZR lineup. It’s the very same RAZR as now appears on Verizon’s store shelves, which also means it’s running Gingerbread. No word on the pricing or if the same color will hit the MAXX variant in the RAZR line — but I wouldn’t be surprised if we see this unveiled at CTIA this week. Verizon’s going to have to show something off anyway, might as well be a blue DROID RAZR.

Hit the source link for two more pics.

Android Central

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