Verizon Plans To Cover 400 Markets With LTE In 2012

Today, Verizon Wireless announced that they plan to unveil 28 new LTE markets on May 17th, as well as expand 11 existing markets with improved LTE coverage. This will bring the number of markets with LTE available to a massive 258. That’s two thirds of the US population.

As if 258 wasn’t a big enough number, Verizon says that they plan to bring LTE to over 140 more markets by the end of the year, bringing that number to 400 markets across 49 states covered by their LTE network. This impressive feat will be achieved by the end of 2012.

AT&T really needs to put in some work expanding their LTE network. Yes, Verizon moved slow at first too, and AT&T’s network is young. But I really hope to see AT&T compete with Verizon’s coverage in 2013.

Source: Phone Scoop

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