Verizon Possibly Enabling Global Capabilities For Some Phones Soon

It seems that another Verizon LTE phone is getting global capabilities. An info sheet shows the HTC Rezound has a feature to use the phone in an additional 185 countries coming soon. Verizon touted the LG Spectrum and Motorola DROID 4 as global phones, and the Rezound should be added to the list soon. While they haven’t been posted, it seem that Verizon employees have been asked to post similar sheets about the RAZR and DROID 4.

Unfortunately, it also states “with a global feature,” and the wording makes it seem like you’d have to buy a global plan. If so, shame on Verizon. Why should we have to pay for a global plan to use a hardware global radio in the phone that we purchased, on top of prices of whatever international carrier we are using? That’s why I stick with AT&T. When I travel, I just pop in a new SIM card. Unlocking the phone is as easy as asking AT&T for a code, or doing it yourself using some custom methods.

Source: Phandroid

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