Verizon Samsung Galaxy Nexus 4.0.4 Update Official, Has Its Own Page

Samsung and Verizon have given the 4.0.4 update for the Galaxy Nexus a couple tries now, and the most recent one looks like it will be the keeper. Verizon has now thrown up a support page for the update, making everything official. As it turns out, the update brings plenty of fixes and other features, something this Nexus sorely needed. Here’s the official changelog:

Email, Messaging & Data

Email messages will display properly when the text size is set to large.
When sending a multimedia message to an Outlook email address, the file extension will send, allowing the recipient to successfully open an image.
Successfully deleted emails on the device will be deleted from the desktop as well.
Successfully send text messages without experiencing network connectivity issues.


When viewing a Calendar reminder or appointment, you will now be able to view the full notes associated with the appointment.
A down arrow has been added in the Calendar application that will expand the calendar message body, allowing you to view the entire message.

Device Features

Successfully turn on Wi-Fi using the Power Control widget.
Updates have been made to prevent the display from freezing or becoming unresponsive.
Complete calls without experiencing choppy audio, clicking noises and one-way audio noises.
Successfully access Voicemail and other automated systems without error.

We know the update has been rolling out for about a week now, yet the page does not give a specific timeframe on when all devices will be receiving it. Weighing in at about 40MB ,this update should be swift, with everything up and running within a few minutes. Galaxy Nexus owners on Verizon, have you updated to 4.0.4 yet?

Verizon via PhoneDog

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