Verizon Suffers Outage, Not The “Most Reliable Network” Anymore

Everyone always gives Verizon credit for being the nations most reliable network, but is that really the truth? Other than some random LTE outages, the carrier has lived up the is claim. However, we have now heard from our own sources that Verizon’s voice and text network went down for awhile in the last 24 hours. Data appeared to be fine, but calling and texting was completely unavailable. The outage affected customers in Chicago, and we have also heard rumblings that a similar outage occurred in parts of Wisconsin. At this time, we can only confirm that it happened in Chicago.

It’s very interesting to see the carrier that makes such bold claims about reliability suffer an outage. Such a thing really makes other carriers look good, and adding the fact that Verizon has had more than a few LTE outages just shows that they may need to rethink their marketing strategy. If you’ve suffered any outages, be sure to let us know about it.

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