(Update: Better Offer) Want A One X, But You’re Not Loving AT&T’s Price Tag? HTC One X Only $158 From Walmart

Update: As it turns out, Walmart isn’t the only place offering the One X at a discounted price. A few clever readers have pointed out that the One X is currently $149.99 on Amazon, undercutting Walmart’s price tag. Thanks to those who pointed this out!

Want the shiny new HTC One X, but don’t feel like paying a whole $200 for it on-contract? Only a day after the phone was released, and reports are now coming in that Walmart has it for only $158 on two-year contract with AT&T. That’s right, you can grab HTC’s latest and greatest for a discounted price. This is in-store only, so head to your local Wally World now.

via Android Central

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