What In The World Did ASUS Just Tease Us With?

Now usually if I have a video to go along with a post, I tend to put that at the end after everything is written. But in this case I think it would be appropriate to put the video up first so that you’ll be able to see what I’m referring to before you read what I have to say about it. And you’ll also be as surprised and confused as I am right about now. It’s short, but very sweet. It actually gave me some chills and really put a question in my mind, “what in the world is ASUS referring to?” Obviously now that you’ve seen it, the most intriguing part of it is by far the moment you see the smal puddle of water split off into two, one sporting a Microsoft logo and the other an Android logo. So one can’t help but think that ASUS could be in works on a possible tablet that dual boots Windows 8 and Android?

I know, that sounds way too far-fetched and crazy but what else could it really possibly be?  Windows 8 on a tablet looks very good and looks amazing even as an Android fan myself. But even as how amazing it may be, I just can’t leave Androids ecosystem that I’ve semi-built my life around with Google’s services and apps. Thus, a dual booting tablet with both OS’s would be quite amazing. I realize I’m just slightly jumping the gun on this one, but one thing that’s for sure is that ASUS has definitely gotten my attention and I’m really looking forward to see what this tease is related to. So, what do you guys think this could possibly be? Anyone else get a slight chill while watching this teaser? Because I sure did.