All Three US Samsung Galaxy S III Variants Now Rooted

I hope you guys like my sorry attempt to Photoshop an image for y’all.  I’m probably never doing that again…  In other news, all three US Samsung Galaxy S III variants are now rooted.  Last night, we learned that the Sprint and T-Mobile device root methods are compatible.  Now, for the AT&T variant, a similar method was posted on XDA by senior member howtomen with different files.  Lots of different credits to lots of different people for working so hard to get these devices rooted.  For some, the AT&T method posted wasn’t working and again, braved the Sprint method and it worked.  So for the AT&T device you have options.  Links to all threads will be posted below.  Let us know if you’ve rooted your new Galaxy S III device and what you’ve done with it now you’re rooted…

XDA Threads…  AT&T | T-Mobile | Sprint


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