All US Samsung Galaxy S III Variant XDA Forums Under One Roof

In an interesting yet convenient/understandable move, the XDA Developers forums have moved all US Samsung Galaxy S III variant forums under one roof.  Due to Samsung pulling off the unimaginable, these devices being released in the US really are pretty much the same device only with different radios.  We’ve seen the evidence of this ourselves while watching the beginnings  of development unfold and seeing all three variants released thus far rooted with the exact same method and files.  So, to easier moderate the forums for the extremely popular device the forums have been combined, with keeping the development forums separate for the devices because of their different radios.  But, the development forums still can all be found in one convenient place.  I personally think this is super rad.  I’m super excited to see where developers take this phone with all the collaboration that will be possible across carriers that wasn’t as simple before.  All the more reason to pick up a Samsung Galaxy S III to me.  Let us know how things are going with your S III and what what kind of development you’re excited to see on your device…

XDA Developers | XDA US S III Forums

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