Amazon Appstore For Android Heading To UK, France, Spain, Germany and Italy This Summer

We’ve heard in the past that Amazon may be bringing their Appstore to Europe this summer and it looks like Amazon is finally ready to confirm that as they’ve sent out a press release regarding it. It’ll be hitting France, Spain, Italy, Germany and the UK sometime this summer. Developers can start to get certification on their apps in those countries now and they can now set where and when they want they want their apps to be available.

Amazon also made some slight tweaks to their app distribution commitment with developers. Developers will now receive a 70% commission from the list price of their apps which replaces the old system of 70% of a sale price or 20% of the list price depending on which was higher. Amazon has the right to change the price of apps on its store which it frequently does for sales or the Free App of the Day. Now developers can recieve more for their apps, an example being a $5 app put on sale for $1 from Amazon. They would formerly receive only $1 commission for their app then but under the new terms they would receive $3.50 for their app. Sounds like a good deal for both consumers and devs. Amazon has announced some nice stuff today. What do you think of it all?

Android Police

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