ASUS Transformer AIO Uses Both Android And Windows 8 In An 18.4″ Form

This is the Transformer AIO. Half Windows 8 all in one, half Android tablet of massive proportions. You can see how it works from the video, but on top of that, it has a button on the side that lets you actively switch between Windows 8 and Android. This fusion is amazing, though I question its practicality.

What is the point, exactly? Windows 8 has a full tablet interface, and I actually think Windows 8 is the future of tablets. A Transformer Prime running only Windows 8 would be the perfect machine. Use the tablet interface when undocked, and use the standard desktop when docked. And you can actually use it as a full featured PC, instead of a semi-useful Android tablet (same goes for iPad, they are nowhere near as useful as computers).

Despite it having no point, I think this is amazing. Even as a gimmick, it looks legitimately fun. And the gimmick is Android. The undocking the entire display is not a gimmick but an actually useful feature (hopefully).

Android Police

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