ASUS Transformer Pad Infinity Gets Unboxed And Placed Against The New iPad

Back at Mobile World Congress in February, ASUS announced their Transformer Pad Infinity which was the Transformer Prime with some slight improvements. The Infinity features a 1920×1200 Super IPS+ display, a higher resolution front-facing camera, and better Wi-Fi and GPS reception. ASUS hasn’t given any word on release dates or final pricing since the announcement but we may be hearing about them soon as Richie’s Room has unboxed the Transformer Pad Infinity and then compared it to a new iPad.

First up is the unboxing which is just a typical unboxing. The name explains it all as he simply takes the tablet and everything else out of the box. The second video is the comparison to the iPad which is a bit more interesting as the Transformer Pad Infinity comes out with very impressive results. It looks like the Transformer Pad Infinity is fitting into the shoes of the next flagship Android tablet quite well. Any of you planning to pick up a Transformer Pad Infinity when it’s released?

Android Police, Richie’s Room

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