AT&T Galaxy S III Pre-orders Now Arriving No Later Than June 25

It was just last night that we heard that pre-orders of the Galaxy S III on AT&T would be arriving on or before June 28. Now AT&T has given official word on the matter saying that pre-orders will arrive by June 25. They also mentioned that future Galaxy S III pre-orders are estimated to arrive within 10 business days depending on the supply. You may not have to wait all the way until Monday though as some customers are stating that their Galaxy S III’s are either on a truck to arrive or have arrived today. The full statement is below if you want to read it. Did any of our readers pre-order the AT&T Galaxy S III? If so, how is your order coming along?

Manufacturer supply constraints of the 4G LTE Samsung Galaxy S III have caused a delay to expected pre-order shipments. Customers who were previously quoted a delivery date of June 21st should now expect their device to arrive no later than Monday, June 25th. We currently estimate future pre-orders to arrive within 10 business days based on available supply. Impacted customers will receive both an SMS and email notifying them of this change.

Android Central

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